With more options available for your business, DESHAY ATM ENTERPRISES LLC can help enhance your profit and customer retention. Even choosing one of these two specials services offered, you will still receive our stellar customer service and also 24/7 technical support for all your ATM needs. Let’s choose the best option that would fit your needs!


Enjoy the no hassle benefit of having a Free ATM placed in your business. We provide a cutting edge ATM for your business at no cost to you. We handle the entire cost of the machine, installation, maintenance, programming, and cash services and processing. Earn monthly revenue without any of the cost or hassles of purchasing an ATM machine.

ATM Placement

If you have a high-traffic location with a need for cash, we will install an ATM machine, manage and supply everything (including the cash loading and all of the maintenance), and cut you in on the profits. Full-service ATM placement is a completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment, making it a popular option when locations can qualify.

ATM Partnership

If you would like to earn more money from the ATM and are willing to load the ATM with cash when it needs it but don’t want to pay the cost to buy an ATM, then the ATM Partnership model may be the best option. With this model, we install and manage/service the ATM then split the surcharge revenue with you 50/50 which is common in the industry. Because there is typically no upfront financial commitment other than the cash necessary to load in the machine, this is often a popular option for new businesses/locations.