Total Number of ATM machines currently in use in the U.S. 425,000
Total Number of ATM machines currently in use in the world 3,000,000
Percent of U.S. ATM machines owned by financial institutions 48%
Percent of U.S. ATM machines owned by independent deployers 52%
Average number of Transactions per ATM Machine per month 800
Average ATM withdrawal amount $60
Average increase in sales for a store that installed an ATM machine 20 %
Percent increase in spending of an ATM user over a non-ATM user 23 %
Average number of times a person visits an ATM machine per month 7.4
Total Ratio of People per ATM Machine 144 to 1
Number of new ATM machines installed each day in the world 280
Percent of money dispensed at bars and clubs that is spent there 75 %

What goals have you set for your business in 2016? If you’re like many entrepreneurs and business owners, you may have lost track of your business goals or struggle to attain them. The 4th Annual Small Business Survey by Staples (2010) found that 77 percent of business owners have not reached their business goals. Increasing profitability is a common business objective; many business owners also want to improve time management and efficiency at their business. In 2012, Mavenlink conducted a study in which 50 percent of the business owners surveyed said they don’t have enough time to get everything done.

As a business owner, you might be searching for new ways to increase revenue without jeopardizing time and money. Investing in an ATM can be a simple and cost-effective way to increase your small business’s efficiency and revenue. Customers who need cash to make purchases can use your in-store machine instead of leaving to find an ATM at another location. The ATM will not only save time for those customers, but can cut down on lost purchases for your business. Having access to cash can also reduce the need to accept credit cards and debit cards. The ATM can streamline the process if a customer’s card isn’t working and the individuals has to use cash instead. Your business can quickly make back the money spent on purchasing and maintaining the ATM. ATMs increase store revenue by up to 20 percent and individual customers who use the ATM spend more money than a non-ATM user. After withdrawing cash, many people want to break larger bills into smaller cash denominations and will likely spend that money in your store. The ATM fee users pay will also contribute to your business’s overall revenue.